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User Experience Company in Chandigarh : Dk Web Solution



Design lives at the coronary heart of the lot, the Dk net solution can provide. With opposition for virtual “share” getting hotter by way of the day, layout is fundamental. Our designers are professionals and award-winners. Website design agency Chandigarh is one of the best business enterprise in Asia stage with creativity as well as reasonably-priced fee from the market competition.

Developing a website from scratch includes a ramification of talents and creativity, all of which we offer. We design innovative and visually appealing internet websites, touchdown pages, advertising fabric, and blog subject matters for groups, companies, and people. We create appealing, eye-catching web websites and weblog topics that attract traffic. Our web designers use the latest and sophisticated designing tools.

Our experience and processes use solid image design principles and an appealing layout that continues your website clean and professionally subsequently appealing. We also keep in thoughts the weight of time and simplicity in navigation.

Allow us to offer you the WOW! Issue of lovely design married with intuitive usability. Following are some of the offerings that you can anticipate us to deliver:


Visual Design

Visual Designers at Dk internet solution are devoted to imparting customers the pleasure of discovery. Our paintings include concept improvement, Template design, style guide development, illustration, Animation, Typeface development, and greater. Our designers collaborate intensely with the consumer, revel in the group on the entirety from websites to mobile interfaces.


Mobile and Emerging Platforms

Dk net answer has vast revel in designing compelling interactive reviews for virtual structures along with cellular applications, cell websites, kiosks, in-keep virtual presentations, and interactive TV. We recognition on knowledge of how customers have interact with those devices—and the way interaction differs from the use of the internet through a laptop show.


User Scenario Development

Our personas are behavioral composites, instead of demographic segmentation. They distill the dreams, behaviors and motivations of your customers in a way that makes the design team greater liable for the product’s achievement. To preserve them significantly, we appearance to create no more than 3 primary personas per product. Every personality has a set of prioritized user eventualities which describe the methods in which the user will make use of your product.



Interplay layout describes a huge variety of product development equipment utilized at Dk web solution, such as consumer situations, project analyses, interaction models, information Architectures, practical Sketches, Wireframes, Behavioral Documentation, and Prototypes. Our user revel in group leverages those gear to expand the proper revel in to fulfill person and enterprise desires for interfaces starting from websites to desktop programs, browser plug-ins, mobile packages, kiosks, and contact-screens.


Branding and Identity Systems

An increasing number of, the web is the primary way customers interact with an emblem. Dk web answer emblem identification group works to genuinely define brand approach and positioning, and translate these into an actual identity answer. Our intention: to create an online-pleasant identity that works in all scenarios, from the internet to mobile and beyond.


Usability Testing

We agree with usability findings that are treasured best once they cause a higher layout (no longer to a flowery document). Our philosophy is meditated in our approach; we do lots of briefs, realistic usability checking out throughout our technique – from paper prototypes to visible designs, to purposeful prototypes to beta versions of merchandise – in our in-house usability lab. Our motto is to test early and regularly and trust our eyes – if 3 users in a row can’t discover the quest function.